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I … I … I Don’t Even Know What To Say …

wrong_kato.jpgI was talking to a buddy of mine the other day, and he asked me what I thought of the television show “An Eye for an Eye,” specifically, how the hell they legally get away with the crap they pull on the show. He said, for instance, that in one case the judge’s punishment was to allow the plaintiff to take a baseball bat to the defendant’s car. Wha? Apparently, it’s like Judge Judy crossed with the WWF, and it’s ample evidence that the devolution of television entertainment is taking the legal system down with it. And of course it stars Kato Kaelin. And the judge’s name is Judge Extreme Akim, who is actually a fairly well known attorney and named partner in the South Carolina law firm Anastopoulo & Clore. Check the video trailer — it’s … unspeakable. Is this on Court TV?

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It could be, I also know that certain stations run it as a syndicated show, usually in a block of court shows.