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I can’t wait until I’m an idiot parent so I can try to cash in on my idiocy

tow-truck.jpgKedra and Brenda Dorsey may have been the parents of the year, 2003 edition. On a cold December day of that year, the two had to make a court appearance, so they parked their Ford Taurus at a meter outside of the court and went in for their business. However, it was illegal for cars to be parked at the meter between 4 and 6 p.m., so the car was towed during that time period. When the Dorseys came out to find their car missing, they weren’t just dismayed about the fact that the car had been towed, but that their four kids were still in the car.

Yeah, that’s right, the Dorsey thought it was a good idea to leave their four kids alone in the car while they appeared in court. They’re now suing the tow company, naturally, for hauling the car away with the kids, claiming it amounted to false imprisonment and caused the kiddies emotional distress. But leaving your kids locked up in the car for hours, no emotional distress there, right?