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I believe that, on the open market, it’s five cats for one dog

eliot-cats.jpgIn Greenacres, Florida (where else?), Linda Urioste has been arrested because of her dog. Sorta.

Back in May, her black labrador went up and missing. The dog, Scooby, was found by animal control and eventually adopted by Jutta Hollar and her husband, who renamed the pooch Buddy. Two weeks later, they found out that Urioste was looking for her dog, and the Hollars met with with Urioste to talk about the situation. According to Jutta, Urioste “was very rude and yelled at us and treated us really not very nice,” so she and her husband decided to keep Sccoby/Buddy.

Urioste threatened to sue them, but the Hollars didn’t budge. So a few days later, Urioste decided to kidnap their cat, leaving the following message on their answering machine:

I was the used-to-be-owner, but I was wondering if you were missing a gray pussy cat. Because a pussy cat ran out in front of my car not far from your house and I saved its life. I almost ran him over. So, I was just wondering how you are enjoying Scooby, because I am enjoying your pussy cat while he is in his crate. You call it crate, I call it a cage. Have a nice day

The Hollars called the police, who found their cat Mitz with Urioste, and arrested her for theft and extortion.