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How to Spoil a Perfectly Good Bank Robbery?

bankrobberyasf.jpgAsk the robber for ID, of course:

The Honolulu Police Department asked for the public’s help in Monday in tracking down a man who tried to rob a bank.
A man walked up to a teller with a note demanding money, then past a second note for a withdrawal.
“The note says ‘This is a robbery.’ She takes a little while. What he does is he gets another note, and this time it’s a withdrawal slip for a certain amount of money. She asks for him for ID. He gets flustered, and he flees,” Sgt. Kim Buffett said.
That is when he took off.

It could be worse, as in another bank robbery, where the robber actually did give the teller her identification:

A woman accused of robbing two banks this month gave investigators a vital clue to her identity Monday, when she passed a threatening note to a teller with her name and address on the back.
Investigators believe Maria Garcia, 33, scrawled the hold-up message on the back of a completed food stamp application moments before entering the Capital One Bank branch in downtown McAllen and making off with an undisclosed amount of cash.