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How many licks does it take to get to the center of stupidity?

tootsie.jpgIn the town of Abington, Massachusetts, the town clerk is a friendly sort. The kind of lady who keeps a candy jar on her desk, so that fellow employees and guests can have a little something for their sweet tooth while dealing with the often-sour world of town politics. Well, one local resident is less-than-pleased with this whole candy bowl thing.

Joanne Harding had gone into the clerk’s office to get a license for her dog. And while she was in there, she noticed that little candy jar, full at the time with Tootsie Rolls. And the candy called out to her, like a shiny red button you’re told not to push. “I took the candy, so it’s partially my fault,” Harding admits. But, of course, “I wouldn’t have taken it if it wasn’t there.” What, you ask, is she talking about?

Turns out Ms. Harding fractured her tooth on the Tootsie Roll which the clerk’s office tempted her into. And so she’s billed the town to help pay for her dentist bill (which is expected to be $4,000-$5,000). Because, remember, she wouldn’t have eaten the candy if it wasn’t there.

The town has passed the bill on to its insurance carried, and I’m sure the insurance company will just leap at the chance to cut Harding a big fat check. Because the town really should know better than to tempt fate by leaving out a bowl of candy!

…for fuck’s sake.