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How Great Would This Look on Black Velvet?


The open-shirt, glistening chest of Obama is a nice touch, but the unicorn? Now, that’s just going too far.

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Where on earth did you find this gem?!?

Is that actually a unicorn? Because if it's just a white horse, well....nah, it'd be just as bizarre.

Where DID you find this?

He should, of course, be walking on top of the water, not wading through it.

Obama is the leader of a cult?

that's exactly what the most powerful (at least on paper) country in the world needs!

Sheer brilliance.

What's he holding? It looks like a cell phone.

YES! Thank you Willamette Week.

(Go Portland.)

where did you get this from? We demand answers!

Is it supposed to be the stallion transforming into Obama?

It's definitely a phone so he doesn't miss those calls from all the lobbyists.