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Homeless Man and Sleepwalking Woman Go to White Castle

353px-White_Castle_logo.svg.pngThe defense lawyer for a homeless man being tried for rape is arguing that the victim consented to the sex. The catch: She was sleepwalking at the time.

Dexter Ford, 52, is charged with raping the 23-year-old woman early Thursday morning near Interstate 71 in Cincinnati.
Ford’s lawyer, Jeff Adams, said prosecutors told him the woman takes prescription medication and has a sleepwalking condition, a fact that will likely be the core part of Ford’s defense.
Adams has not said if Ford spoke to the woman and whether she consented to sex. Messages seeking comment were left with Adams on Saturday.
Two passing motorists reported seeing Ford on top of a woman near a White Castle restaurant on Taft Road near I-71, and called police from their cell phones, Cincinnati police said.
When police arrived, the woman was still asleep, according to police reports. She was taken to University Hospital for treatment.
“It goes to consent,” he said. “How is he to know she is sleepwalking, if it’s a dream ‘yes’ or a real ‘yes?’ “

Hmmm. Well, if it were a dream, she wouldn’t have been lying underneath a homeless man 30-years her senior outside of a White Castle. What the fuck, man? That’s your defense? What — is the defense lawyer sleepwalking through the trail, too? Sheesh.