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Holy Insane, Batman. Mel Gibson’s Dad is a Nutter

… and like all nutters, he’s supporting Ron Paul for president of the United States.

Hey, Hutton: Welcome to July. He dropped out, jackhole. He’s not a candidate. Go sell your crazy somewhere else, like the bottom of an acid vat, you Nazi-loving scum-sucking anal vein.

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Compared to you he looks just fine.

My nutter of a boyfriend still has a Ron Paul bumper sticker on his car. He even says he's going to write him in. *sigh* How we've managed to be together 5 years is beyond me!

Whatever, one less person voting for McCain!

"Anal vein"?....Well, that's a new one....huh, strangely, I think I like it.

Oh, and Sharon...wow. I just can't picture anyone, and I mean anyone, making Hutton Gibson look sane. I mean, this is the guy who thinks the RC Church is just too darn liberal. Yikes! Never mind the whole denying-the-motherfreakin'-Holocaust thing.

No, I'm afraid a harmlessly amusing Dustin rant doesn't quite compare.