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His name was Robert Paulson. His name … was Robert Paulson

robert-paulson.jpgOver in England, the Daily Mail newspaper can just be so damn entertaining some time. With a great picture of Jack Nicholson and his man tits, they ran this story:

It is a subject that most men manage to keep under wraps - or at least under their shirts.
But yesterday male breasts, or moobs as they are sometimes known, were right out in the open in one of the highest courts in the land.
Three senior judges grappled with the question of whether male breasts could be regarded as having any sexual allure.
The leading legal minds got to grips with the issue after a man who secretly filmed another man’s top half at a public swimming pool was convicted of voyeurism.
Care worker Kevin Bassett, 44, was found guilty last year after using a video camera hidden in a plastic bag to take shots of a swimmer.
Yesterday, his conviction was quashed at the Court of Appeal after Lord Justice Hughes, Mr Justice Treacy and Sir Paul Cresswell ruled that a man’s bare torso did not count as ‘private parts’.

The tagline under the Jack photo? “Jack Nicholson is a proud owner of man boobs — and he doesn’t seem to care whether they’re ogled or not.” He’s Jack, man, of course he doesn’t care.