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His last name’s practically “blunt,” so what do you expect?

corrie-blount.jpgCorie Blount is a former NBA player. Now he’s a convicted drug felon. He’s just been sentenced to a year in the clink after pleading guilty to two counts of marijuana possession (which he pled to in order to avoid the two trafficking charges he was also facing). Sounds like the trafficking charges were well-deserved considering the cops intercepted 11 poudts of weed on the way to him via a relative’s house, and found another 18 pounds of the wacky in his house. Said the sentencing judge: “Cheech and Chong would have had a hard time smoking that much.”

Your honor, the defense moves to strike the comment on the basis that it besmirches the good Cheech and Chong’s reputation. There’s no amount of weed that would’ve been too much for them in their prime!

The defense also moves to strike the comment as no longer of the times. A more appropriate reference would be to Harold and Kumar.