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Hillary “Hypocrisy” Clinton

UncleSamasdf.gifHypocrisy is thy middle name.


Despite pressure from Sen. Barack Obama, the Clinton campaign said Friday that it wouldn’t not release Sen. Hillary Clinton’s tax returns unless she secures the Democratic nomination. The news was greeted by harsh rejoinder from Obama’s campaign “Why should Democratic voters have to wait until after the primary campaign is over to find out important information about Senator Clinton’s finances that Senator Obama has already disclosed?” said Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor.


Eight years ago, when Hillary parachuted into NY to become our Senator, she and Howard Wolfson became completely obsessed with opponent Rick Lazio’s tax returns, which he did not release until the end of August.
They talked about them at every opportunity. In early July, Hillary called it “frankly disturbing.” A guy in an Uncle Sam outfit was dispatched to be a nuisance at various Lazio events in August. Howard himself showed up once to try to rattle Lazio by offering him a copy of some Chappaqua property tax receipt after Lazio said he’d release his state returns as soon as Hillary released hers (which didn’t exist, because she had just moved up here).

What’s the Senator hiding?

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I've been reading this blog for awhile now, and honestly? I don't trust your coverage of Clinton. (This isn't about the return issue, by the way. I just mean in general.) You actually singled out her laugh. To me, that's as dumb as all those people who voted for Bush because he seemed like a nice guy.

Why not devote your blog to 24/7 Obama coverage, because that's really what your site is. Don't even pretend to be balanced.

Obama in '08!

If it makes you feel better, brother, many years ago, I actually wrote an entire piece devoted to George Bush's laugh. You can tell a lot about a politician by the way they snicker. -- Dustin

Great guys! This kinda shit is just what we need to hear! When my youngest has kids I'll try and get her to name one after you. I'm leaning towards Sestin or Duth... Whaddya think?

PS, yeah she'll probably be in therapy her whole life cuz of me.

PPS, Joseph.... You're a dick.

Yeah, guys. Stop taking advantage of the opportunities to point out the complaining, double standards, shaky ethics and, yes, irritating personal characteristics that this candidate seems to be providing on an almost daily basis!

I mean, just because there's heaps of material out there, there's no reason you should comment on it. Totally unfair.

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but did this blog ever actually give the impression that it was impartial?

Hey, it's not like the blog was always against Clinton. For a while it seemed like it would go either way, and personally I like the random coverage.

Oy guys, come on. I'm just going to stop reading all the election coverage because it seems like it all goes Obama's way. And while I guess it was never technically impartial most of the stuff on this site tends to bash the reject criminals out there who make ridiculous moves, not strong women under tremendous pressure and facing the incredible task of trying to get Americans to believe that a woman could possibly be President.