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Hey guys? I was just kidding. We’re cool, right?

policesearch.gifAssociated Press - June 14, 2007 West Charleston, Vt. -

The Vermont State Police says a four-hour search in West Charlestown launched after (Steve Austin) said he’d been shot by a stranger cost up to $20,000.

…But Austin later told police he accidentally shot himself in the knee while target practicing behind his home…Austin could face charges for making a false report.

I’m not sure about you loyal QuizLaw readers, but I think my own guilt would have kicked in around the time that the state police, game wardens, and sheriffs deputies were called in and just before the Border Patrol agents, including four dogs and a Border Patrol helicopter were brought in.

When reached for a comment on the $20,000.00 price tag on the search, Austin said “I got $5 on it….”

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Well, the good news is I now have something to replace "Don't Stop Believin'" in my head for the next week.