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Here’s Something for the Recruitment Materials

shepard.jpgHere’s an interesting story out of Jersey today, concerning high-powered defense attorney with a list of clients that has included Queen Latifah and Iraqi soldiers charged with prisoner abuse.

Well, now it seems the defense attorney is going to have to muster a defense for himself, after prosecutors charged him with involvement in an elaborate Manhattan prostitution ring for the wealthy. The state brought charges of solicitation, money-laundering and misconduct against Paul W. Bergrin and two other defendants for their role in running an escort service known as NY Confidential, which catered – in part – to stockbrokers and professional athletes.

According to the NJ Star Ledger:

The indictments stemmed from Bergrin’s relationship with Jason Itzler, the owner of NY Confidential, who was arrested on an Ecstasy drug charge at Newark Liberty International Airport in 2001. Although both men had gone to Florida’s prestigious Nova University Law School, they didn’t know each other until Bergrin became Itzler’s attorney. But by 2004, the district attorney said, Bergrin had became deeply involved in his client’s escort agency.

Now wait a second, here. I’m not trying to be one of those elitist assholes who brags about the ranking of his law school (it’s #22 right now, slipping a couple of spots since 2006), but I do have to take issue with the Ledger’s characterization of Nova University Law School as “prestigious.” Maybe in a state that boasts Seton Hall and Rutgers Law (again, no offense to those fine institutions), Nova University Law School would be considered “prestigious.” But, out here in a real world that’s not run over with landfills and industrial waste, Nova Law is actually now known as Nova Southeastern University of Law, and the U.S. News and World Report puts it firmly in the 4th tier of law schools (median LSAT: 148-152) where it’s major draw is the fact that it’s been named “Most Wired Law School” in the United States. Twice. Additionally, for an annual tuition of $27,000 (plus fees and living expenses), a student is promised a whopping 61 percent chance to pass the Florida bar.

Does that sound prestigious to you?

Anyway, Bergrin — who has a long, checkered past that includes evidence-tampering charges and questionable conduct in a narcotics case (the key witness against his client was shot and killed, execution style) — had his bail set at $500,000.

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Man, you sure do sound like one of those elitist lawyers, sorry attorneys, who measure their pedigree against others.

I mean how many years out of law school and you're still looking at law school rankings?

That's bush league, man.