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Here’s Some Honest Diversity of Opinion

gp_republican_1006.jpgI spend too much time on left-wing blogs or watching the “liberal elites” on the cablers. So, in an effort to see what the other side is saying, I checked out some conservative blogs this afternoon, just to see. Here’s a sampling:

From Dick Morris:

This bold move could have an impact on the race akin to McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. Defensively, McCain had to act to stop the fall in his poll numbers.
Offensively, he has placed himself at the epicenter of the only issue on the national agenda - proactive action to stop a total international financial collapse.
Obama’s response to McCain’s initiative is lame. As with his initial reaction to Sarah Palin, Obama has miscalculated. While he tries to spin McCain’s move as a mere response to his initiative, it was the Republican who first issued the call for a suspension of the campaigns.

From the Right Commentary:

Nothing good will come of McCain’s suspension of his campaign. He has two choices. He can come to Oxford and mop the floor with that liberal nut-job. Or he can just hand Obama the keys to the White House now.

The National Review’s Campaign Spot:

I am not certain McCain is right on the politics of this, i.e., whether or not the public will agree with him that this is a good idea. But I think it’s probably right as a matter of policy. There’s still plenty of time to do three presidential and one vice-presidential debate.

From The Corner:

Actually, I’m just sitting here wishing Sarah Palin could have married Mitt Romney — then these Christianists could rule a Brave New Theocracy together and I wouldn’t have to pay attention to another politician again.

I would also note that, both Michelle Malkin and Anne Coulter are blaming the housing crisis on public housing entitlements. Interesting.

Still, in all honesty, I spent about 45 minutes checking conservative blogs, and — for the most part — they’re not talking about the campaign suspension very much. They seem to be avoiding the issue. Interesting.

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You missed HotAir.com, where it is a lively topic of discussion.

As for the housing crisis on entitlements, it's real simple. Liberal Dems say, "we gotta get more handouts out there! Make people depend on us!" So they forced the banks to give out loans to non-qualified people on penalty of all sorts of bad "you hate minorities!!!!" screeds. ACORN and all the rest shook down the banks for billions.

Now, shocka, all those people couldn't afford the loans. Which they should never have had. McCain, Bush, and the others tried to stop it, but Obama and his hundreds of thousands from Fannie Mae said no. Along with Barney Frank, Dodd (you DID know the democrats are filthy with Fannie Mae money, right? Millions worth?)

And now we have this mess. Sure, some fault lies on Republican shoulders, but the majority of this is a Democrat greed and failure thing. As is typical.

This comment may not "belong" here, but how the hell did you guys get the Mormons advertising on your site? Right next to the Californication ad, no less. He he. Frankly, the Mormons are almost as offensive to me as torture porn. What the hell? Is it that there are a lot of Mormon lawyers?

I really love how the economic crisis is because loans were given only to minorities.
I'm sick of listening to the Republicans "whine" about how Democrats want to help other people. In a few weeks the "whiners" will be asking for help. They don't seem to believe in working together. It's every man, woman and child for themselves.
I'm so bored with the conservative blogs. A lot of them refuse to discuss the issues & start resorting to making racist comments. It's ok to taunt Obama, but god forbid if you start complaining about Palin. It's always sexism. I'm so bored with the conservative blogs.
They refuse to discuss the issues!
They call McCain a maverick for picking Palin & believe they're forward thinking. They're so forward thinking that they make racist jokes about Obama.