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Here You Go, Folks: “Real” America!

hanged racoon.jpgYes. That is a hanged raccoon. And yes, that sign does say something to the effect of: “Vote No Blacks” (props for not using the word they probably wanted to use), and yes, that is a Confederate flag.

Vote McCain. They’ll string up your raccoons.

God Bless America. Or, as the Reverend Wright would say: God Damn America!

(H/T Wonkette)

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What a bunch of wannabes. The real hardcore racists are voting for the big O.


Damn...that person must have been really serious about that, because a raccoon is good eatin'...or so I've heard.

This racist crap is pissing me off. I'm sick of people saying that if a black man is elected than he will only help black people. We have always had white men in office. What about me? Yes? ME!!! I'm Asian! I'm sick of these fucking retards! The economy is in the crapper and the Iraq war is a disaster! Who the fuck cares if the next President is white or black, male or female (except Palin-HELL NO), Christian or Muslim, etc. I DON'T CARE! I WANT A PRESIDENT THAT IS EDUCATED AND INFORMED! NO MORE RETARDS IN OFFICE!

You idiots. The raccoon is an effigy of a black person. Now get fired up!

It would seem that we have been divided and conquered as planned.

The bottom line is that each of us is responsible for ourselves and then for the collateral effects that we have upon others.

Where the concept of this fails there is nothing left to do but excise the cancerous growth before it sickens the entire body of humanity.

Seeing how sick the body of humanity already is I would say that no time can be wasted, no resource witheld from the ends of ridding our population of those truly bent upon destroying it.

But I am wasting my efforts here as anywhere I believe. For the social subversion of politically correct ideology has made its way right into the center of culture and it is vehicular to the pathogen which will in the end... be the end.

F.E.M.A needs plenty of labor around the internment camps, they'll have no trouble rounding up plenty of warm bodies here pretty soon.

Good riddance. And they will do it to themselves, that's the part I love. It owuld have been more economical to serve justice at the end of a shotgun a long time ago but there's still time.

Don't be upset, you will all have plenty of things to hide under where you can wet your pants and rehearse a heart attack when all hell breaks loose.

You'll see how errant the concept of equality really is when administrated by ways and means of the weakest mindset and most faultering sociology known to the world yet.