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Heart Wants McCain Down, Down, Down, Down on his Knees

heart-barracuda.jpgIt seems like every time that the McCain camp busts out a song in support of the campaign, the song’s artist tells them to cut it the fuck out. And Heart is the latest to join those ranks.

Last week, the Republican’s blasted Heart’s “Barracuda” through the convention hall, a nod to VP candidate Sarah Palin, who’s high school basketball nickname was Sarah Barracuda. But Heart doesn’t dig the use of its song, so the Wilson sisters had their lables hit the Republicans with a cease-and-desist letter.

Oh, and actually, it’s not just that they “don’t dig” the use of their song. The sisters “said in a statement that … they ‘condemn’ the use of the song at the Republican convention.” Ouch.

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I wouldn't have necessarily guessed that Heart would feel that strongly. Now the Fogerty I heard on the convention coverage...

Didn't the same thing happen to Dole back in 19-dickety-6? Like, "I'm a Dole Man"?

I'm sorry but I think that artists need to cut that shit out. We all know that there are no musical artists that would approve of a republican even listening to their music let alone playing it at a rally.

As a republican with musical tastes I really want... nay, NEED to hear something other than country music at a republican rally.

How are they to shed the image of the banjo plucking hick when no one will let them play anything other than Toby Keith?

They should have used "Ode to Joy." Class the place up a bit. It's not like Beethoven is going to sue. After all , weren't he and McCain childhood friends?


Yeah, its the artists' fault that Republicans are dicks who rant about supporting the RIAA but then manipulate and use music however they like when it suits them. Cherry party you have there, Tanner.