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Harsh, Dude

DUI343.jpgMan Alive: What’s the most you figure a guy can spend in the clink for a DUI?

Try seven years.

Yeah. A man who refused a breathalyser and denied he was drunk, was sentenced to the maximum possible sentence after getting caught clocking 107 mph with his 11-year-old daughter in the back of the car. It was his fifth DUI conviction.

But that’s probably not why he got such a harsh sentence. It was probably because he was a jackass to the one person you ought to try to be nice to. Indeed, during sentencing, Lance Major told the judge that he didn’t expect justice from a sarcastic judge and, while the judge was reading the sentence, said, “Just speed it up, you’re boring me.”

You know what’s even duller than a judge reading his sentence aloud? Hearing it ring in your ears for seven years.

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TFA says he only got 15 days for contempt of court, and most of the rest was technically not for DUI but "incident-related charges" (e.g., child endangerment).

Just sayin' :-)