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Happy Birthday, Dannielynn!

birkhead-dannielynn-in-kentucky.jpgYesterday, a brand-spanking new book from Rita Cosby — a second-rate Nancy Grace so awful her show got canceled off of MSNBC, a cable network that’s desperate enough to have Tucker Carlson on its payroll — hit the shelves, called Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death. I think the reason her show might’ve suffered was because of Cosby’s obsessive preoccupation with the Anna Nicole story, as she clung to it long after everyone but the gossip bloggers moved on to more important stories, like the structural integrity of Lindsay Lohan’s vagina (or what the gossip bloggers like to call their Little VaJesus).

Anyway, in her book, Cosby claims that the father of Anna Nicole’s baby, Larry Birkhead, shared some videotaped intimacies with the loser of the Dannielynn sweepstakes, Nicole’s lawyer Howard K. Stern. Cosby says that the two had a sexual tryst, which was videotaped and viewed by Anna Nicole. She claims they were secret lovers.

Birkhead, obviously, denies the allegation, and — after having her pulled from the “Today” show yesterday — is now, along with Stern, bringing a defamation suit against Cosby. “This is going to be one of the most expensive lawsuit settlements in book-publishing history,” Birkhead said.

And whether or not the allegation is true, he’s probably right about the expense of the lawsuit. I mean, damn: Didn’t Cosby pay anyattention to her own coverage? She’s going to be in court for the next ten years, which of course gives Birkhead and Stern an excuse to meet in private to “discuss the details of the case” for the next decade.

In other news, completely unrelated to the timing of the book’s release, Dannielynn turns one on Friday.