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Ham Terror Alert Level: Green

ham.jpgLewiston School Superintendent Leon Levesque is suing Fox News for running a story which featured, he states, “…irresponsible reporting by Fox News Channel”. Ummm, he was expecting hard hitting and well researched material presented objectively?

Excuse me for a second…


Apparently, some students threw what appeared to be a ham bone onto a table populated with Somali students. As we all know, Muslims consider pork to be unclean. The show Fox and Friends cited a website parody of the events as fact on an April 23rd broadcast, and this is where Levesque drew the line:

It appears to me that Fox News acted in a grossly irresponsible way and took some information that was really not very plausible, did not do any substantial fact-checking, and put it out as hard news, Kubetz (attorney for Levesque) said.

Don’t hate the player, Levesque, hate the game. West Sai-yeeeed!.