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HaHaHa! Who’s Laughing Now, Dumbass?

airport security5.jpgYou ever wonder what might happen if you actually did make that bomb joke rattling around your head every time you enter an airport. Ask this guy:

A St. Louis man finds out the hard way that jokes about shoe bombs on planes will not be tolerated.
Michael Shafermeyer spent more than three days in jail after making what he says was a joke at Lambert Airport on Saturday. He tells KMOV-TV that he was flying to Maryland to get married and had a few drinks.
When a flight attendant asked him to close his laptop after boarding, Shafermeyer says he jokingly asked her, “Are you the one who checks for shoe bombs?”
Within minutes, federal agents removed him from the plane. He spent much of his time in the St. Louis County jail in solitary confinement.

Man, I bet his wife-to-be was pissed Good thing he wasn’t Muslim - they’d have sent him to Guantanamo Bay and given him hourly swirlies.

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St. Louis has a long history of fucking with the airport. The Steve & D.C. radio show had one of their guys try to pass through the metal detector with drawers full of silverware. All fun and games until he took off running... INTO the terminal.

Steve & D.C. are still on the air? My mom dated one of those guys about 12 years ago. Weird.