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Ha Ha Ha … Wait, That’s Not Funny

myspace.gifThose MySpace bastards have taken the “Punk’d” thing to a whole new level:

Police charged two Spotsylvania County men yesterday after a Timberwood Road resident called to report a break-in and death threat.
According to a press release from 1st Sgt. Liz Scott of the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office, the victim told police he woke up to his dogs barking at 7 a.m. and saw a man in a mask coming into his house.
He was able to identify the intruder by his voice, Scott said, although the relationship between the two men is unknown. The victim told police that the intruder, later identified as Paul Michael Hagan, 20, put a shotgun to his head and said he would shoot him as he demanded money and his X-Box.
The victim yelled to his girlfriend to call police and then wrestled over the gun with the intruder, Scott said.
The man identified as Hagan was eventually forced out of the home while the victim’s girlfriend was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, Scott said.
While outside, the victim said to police, the intruder racked the shotgun and threatened him again.
The intruder then told the victim that it was all a joke and he was videotaping the incident for MySpace, a social networking Web site.

You know what would’ve made this the perfect prank? If the victim had turned the shotgun on his friend and shot him in the face and it was all caught on camera! Ha! How much fun would’ve been to see a real-life, warranted shotgun blast to the face!

Stupid people.