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Guns don’t kill people. Chuck Norris kills people.

chuck.jpgAnd did you know that his chief export is pain? It’s true. And now, through his lawyers, he’s looking to unleash that pain on Tchirts.com. The website had been selling a t-shirt which had Chuck on it and, in the site’s words, “made him look like a bad motherfucker.” But Chuck don’t play that with unauthorized merchandise, so he released the lawyers.

Of course, the site was clearly in the wrong here, and rather than getting all snarky about it and claiming it had some entitlement to sell unlicensed goods, Tchirts agreed to stop selling the shirts. Although their response to Norris’ lawyers did include a little bit of a dig at Chuck:

This t-shirt was only put up about a month ago. We sold a total of 0 (zero) Chuck Norris t-shirts, because nobody thought it was as cool as we did. In fact I don’t think Chucky got any publicity this past year other than through our website and the Bowflex. So we don’t mind removing an unsuccessful t-shirt from our website.

They might want to be careful on mocking Norris — you don’t poke a stick at a wild dog and, after all, Chuck’s only got two speeds: walk and kill.

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So are you gonna get a letter coz of the pic of Chuck Norris you put up now? hehe

Why wear a Chuck Norris shirt when you can wear Chuck Norris "Action Jeans"?!


They are just begging for a roundhouse kick to the face, aren't they?

He can also diagnose small children with AIDS just by looking at them.