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Great News, Gay and Lesbian Texans!

ryan_reynolds_99.jpgSoon, you’ll be able to travel outside of your queer-hating hometown and visit the gay-friendly state of Massachusetts, order yourself up one of them marriage licenses, and get legally hitched to your same-flavored partner. You can even visit a replica of the Mayflower on your honeymoon ($12 admission). By a whopping vote of 1 billion to 3, the Massachusetts State Legislature voted to repeal an archaic 1913 law which banned marriages not considered legal in the couple’s home state. The governor, whose daughter just revealed that she’s a lesbian, has said he’ll sign to repeal the measure.

Now, if I can just get Massachusetts to recognize mixed-sex polygamy, the wife and I can finally legally invite Ryan Reynolds (pictured) into our marriage (currently, he’s illegally living in the lair below our house — and those chains were his idea, not ours. No, really).

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Mmmmmmm...that picture...

Dustin. Seek help my brutha. Bad touch.