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Granny’s feisty!

angry-granny.jpgEarlier this month, Officer Daniel Snyder got a call about a car accident. He responded and, after studying the scene, determined that the accident was an old lady’s fault. He concluded that 80-year-old Thalia Logas had changed lanes improperly and, as a result, smacked into another car. So he wrote up a citation for Old Lady Logas, but she refused to sign. He asked again. She refused. On and on, seven times, did this dance go.

So then Officer Snyder decided that he needed to arrest Old Lady Logas. But she refused to let him put cuffs on her and, instead, repeatedly punched him in the chest and stomach! Snyder eventually managed to restrain her and get her cuffed although, once she was in the cop car, Old Lady Logas managed to wriggle out of her cuffs and huck them out the window.

She posted bail later that day but, sadly, had missed the Bob’s Big Boy early bird special. And man alive, you don’t want to see how she reacted to that.

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Did you ever ask yourself what kind of police car has windows that roll down? I have never heard of one that does. Maybe this story is not all that it seems....