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Graffiti Love

hangingfrombridge.jpgHave you ever driven under an overpass and seen spray-painted graffiti beneath a bridge and wondered how the hell it got there? The gravity-defying feats that it must have taken to write Jenny (Hearts) Tommy underneath a overpass have always boggled me.

Well, the picture to the right sheds some light on the subject. It was taken by a police officer who discovered this guy hanging from a rope held by another guy up on an interstate bridge. They didn’t even get a chance to express their undying love to one another with aerosol paints before Sheriff’s Deputy Melissa Myers drove up and caught them in the act.

“I don’t know what they were thinking,” said Myers, a deputy in McMinn County between Knoxville and Chattanooga.
Myers said she drove up behind 18-year-olds Michael Clark and Matthew Musnicki after someone reported a suspicious person leaning on the rail of a bridge on Interstate 75.
“Matthew was going to write his name, ‘loves’ and then the girl’s name” and Clark was going to do the same with a girl’s name on the other side, Myers said.
The deputy arrested them both on Sunday. She said she took photos and a short video with her cell phone because the incident sounded too strange to be true.
Myers said when she arrived, Clark was standing at the railing holding the rope with his friend dangling below. She told Clark to put his hands up, but he said he couldn’t let go of the rope.
She said Musnicki tossed the can of red spray paint and tried to escape, but got tangled in the rope. She put Clark in her car and drove around to the road below, arresting Musnicki after he was helped down by a passer-by with a ladder.

What happened to good old-fashioned tattoos and shrines?