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Good! Suspend the little Twerp

photo_servlet.jpgSince when did 11-year-old kids start espousing hateful political speech. Oh yeah. When their parents became hateful fuckers. See, e.g.:

An 11-year-old in Aurora says his first amendment rights are being trampled after he was suspended for wearing a homemade shirt that reads “Obama is a terrorist’s best friend.”
The fifth grader at Aurora Frontier K-8 School wore it on a day when students were asked to wear red, white and blue to show their patriotism.
The boy’s father Dann Dalton describes himself as a “proud conservative” who has taken part in some controversial anti-abortion protests. Dalton says the school made a major mistake by suspending his son for wearing the shirt.
“It’s the public school system,” Dalton says. “Let’s be honest, it’s full of liberal loons.”

You know what, dickwad? You don’t like public schools, send your kid to some conservative school ran by a right-wing nutjob. Granted, the kid shouldn’t have been suspended, not only because of his free speech rights (which I understand are not absolute in public schools, but still) but because it’s not his fault his Dad is a douchebag.

Also, it reminds me: There’s a guy in my neighborhood who had a huge NOBAMA! banner waving in his front yard, where our neighborhood intersects with the bay (a very high-traffic area). And I couldn’t pass by it without developing a seething hatred for the dude, as I plotted how I could rectify the situation. However, by Sunday, it appeared that it was no longer necessary. Someone came along and removed the NO. Now, it’s just a huge banner that reads OBAMA!

Thank God for petty vandalism.

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If they removed the "NO" from the sign, wouldn't that just result in a huge "BAMA" sign?

Bong Hits for Jesus...

Why do liberals get all pissy when someone opposes their candidate? I could care less if someone has an Obama sign or anti-McCain sign on their yard (which their are plenty in my neighborhood in Texas that do). I never get an urge to 'do something' about it.

Sure, I think the person is an idiot, but I don't 'develop seething hatred' for him.