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Go ahead, sue us - make our day!

sueMe.jpgIf you’re ever in Orlando, you might want to avoid the Orlando Regional Medical Center. ‘Cause if you have any problems and want answers, well, they’re not so much with the answers.

Almost nine months ago, Claudia Meja went into Orlando Regional South Seminole to give birth to her son Mathew. She was kept in the hospital for complications and, twelve days later, was moved to Orlando Regional Medical Center. After being moved, she underwent a quadruple amputation. The hospital told her she had a flesh eating bacteria, streptococcus, and toxic shock. But she wanted to know more specifics about what had happened, including how, exactly, she had caught streptococcus.

When the hospital wouldn’t give her any more info, she had her attorney write them a letter under Florida’s “The Patients Right to Know About Adverse Medical Incidents Act.” Which makes sense, since becoming a quadruple amputee sure sounds like an adverse medical incident to me. And the hospital’s response?

A letter saying that “Ms. Mejia’s request may require legal resolution.” In other words, “sue us if you want to know.”

So she’s now suing the hospital to find out why she lost her limbs. I mean…is it any wonder people hate lawyers?

(Hat tip to Weird Daily)

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Holy crap! Talk about irrepairable damages . . .

"Cause if you have any problems and want answers, well, their not so much with the answers."

-"their" should be "they're"

A faithful fan.

Sure should be. Noted and correcetd. -- Seth

Why hate lawyers because of this? It's the hospital not giving up the details.