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Git offa’ my lawn!

doubleBarrel.jpgLast week, an attorney in California was sitting at home, just minding his own business on a simple Wednesday evening. Perhaps he was sipping on some ice tea while relaxing in his most favorite chair and watching his Wednesday night stories. But whatever he was doing, he clearly wasn’t expecting any company. And he certainly wasn’t expecting two men to wonder on over to his property and try to steal his truck away.

So, you can understand why this attorney would react to this surprising turn of events by snatching his trusty rifle and firing off some rounds at the men, telling them to leave his truck be and to skedaddle from his property. The men, of course, rightly complied. Once properly fled, however, the men called the cops on this attorney. For you see, the men were from a local towing company. They had been sent there by the finance company what owned Mr. Attorney Man’s truck, with orders to repossess said truck since the gun slinging lawyer was delinquent in payments.

So in actuality, our friendly neighborhood attorney probably should’ve been expecting some tow-related company.

Needless to say, the attorney is now getting a different look at the justice system, as he’s been arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a firearm (as well as a charge of criminal storage of firearms, for keeping a loaded gun in his house and within the reach of a child). One wonders if Mr. Attorney Man settles all of his legal disputes in such a hot-tempered and guns-a-blazing manner. As long as the gallery comes included with bullet-proof glass, it would shore make for an interesting and lively courtroom.

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While I respect someone's right to own firearms of many shades and calibers, and I understand the impulse to produce a weapon when it looks like someone's trying to steal property, the article makes it seem like they had a tow-truck, and I'm certain Mr. Attorney Man knew he was behind on his payments, so he crossed the line.

Merely displaying the weapon and demanding to know who they were should have been sufficient.

Still, I have to admit some feeling of empathy for the man. In my misspent youth I was very behind on bills and I know the depression and desperation you can feel in those situations, but that's no excuse to go shooting at people.