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Gimme an “S!” Gimme a “U!” Gimme an “E!”

bring1.jpgYup, we’re talking cheerleader lawsuit. Wycoda Fisher was very excited, as an incoming high school freshman, to try out for the school’s junior variety squad. She was somewhat less excited when she wound up being the only girl cut from the squad (there were seven gals trying out for six spots). So her parents rallied to her defense and took their grievance before the school board. Their argument relied on the school’s cheerleader constitution.

Yup, a cheerleader constitution. “We the popular girls of High School, in order to form a more perfect cheer pyramid, establish dance routines, insure firm pompoms, provide for the support of our teams, etc. etc.”

Anyway, this constitution says that the school’s varsity squad should have eight spots. But an exception was made, and nine girls were allowed on. So the Fishers think a similar exception should’ve been made for the JV squad. In fact, the high school principal approved an extra spot on the squad, but the superintendent but the kibosh on this, demanding that there be the normal tryouts.

The schoolboard upheld the superintendent’s decision in a 5-1-1 vote, and the Fishers have now said, of course, that they’re planning a lawsuit. Their lawyer put it thusly: “The school district nor the superintendent has offered a satisfactory explanation as to why Wycoda was singled out. … We have no other option but to move forward with the lawsuit.”

…Sigh. “We have no other option.” How about, oh I don’t know, Wycoda take up lacrosse. Or gymnastic. Or knitting.

(Hat tip to Nota Bene, although I’m not sure why he makes it sound like it’s such a bad thing that one of the lessons of this story is that “if you can’t successfully compete against your peers, you should file a lawsuit!” That’s the spirit of America, after all!)


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This type of thing is a Texas tradition - I was named in a lawsuit in high school when I beat out another girl in a similar situation. That was more than 10 years ago. The real moral of the story is that Texas parents will go farther than any other to make sure that their daughters are premaritally impregnated by only the best - and that means football players!

Hey, where I come from a girl stabbed the head cheerleader to death in part because she didn't make the squad. You may have seen a little TV movie about it with Tori Spelling.