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Get Your Flags! Get Your Hot, Flaming Flags!

flagburning.jpgIt’s amazing what teachers will do these days to motivate their students to learn. When I was a high-schooler, I had a teacher who’d walk around with a desk on her head, just so the class would listen. In fact, I had a chemistry teacher who once caught our attention by teaching from the “Anarchist Cookbook,” though the results were disastrous (and my State Bar Association is not privy to those pre age-of-majority details). But this one takes the cake folks: A Social Studies teacher out in Louisville, Kentucky — who was trying to instill his students with an understanding of the power of free speech — decided to take it to the next level by burning two American flags.

Indeed, 7th grade teacher Dan Holden burned a tiny flag in each of his two Social Studies classes in an effort to motivate his students to write an essay on freedom of speech. The catch here, of course, is that Mr. Holden is now facing possible criminal charges, both for having an open flame in the classroom and potentially (it is Kentucky, after all) for burning the flag.

One has to wonder how those weekend essays will turn out: “Freedom of speech in the United States of America is a basic right that everyone is entitled to … except our Social Studies teacher, who got locked up for expressing his First Amendment right to stupidity in the classroom.”

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