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Get off My La … Woah. Back Up Here. You’re Arresting Her?

17755841_240X180.jpgCops in Ohio arrested an 89-year-old lady over the weekend for doing what 89-year-old women do.

She took a teenager’s ball and wouldn’t give it back. Now 89 year-old Edna Jester from Blue Ash is facing charges.
“I said go ahead and arrest me. Handcuff me if you’d like, because I said I’m not guilty of anything,” said Jester.
Blue Ash Police arrested Jester Thursday for petty theft after taking her teenage neighbor’s football that was in her yard, NewsChannel5 sister station WCPO-TV in Cincinnati reported.
The incident was caught on tape by people across the street who support Jester.
“Taken down and interrogated, a 90 year-old lady. It almost hits home like this is the United States, this can’t happen and this is absolutely ridiculous,” said neighbor Kevin Pike.
Kelly Tanis has five children and said Jester has taken balls from her children before. So she called the police.
“This time it was a ball that my son had just bought with his own money. He works and he makes his own money, and he bought that ball, and six days later she took it.”

Good God! If you don’t want the old lady to take your fucking ball, keep it our of her goddamn yard. But if it bounces into it, don’t be surprised if she takes it. And for the love of God, is arrest really necessary?

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Just give the damn ball back?

I'm not sure what to think about this one because I'm very pro-property-rights. So the land belongs to the old lady. The ball belongs to the kid. The ball intruded on the land without the lady's permission, which is a violation of her property rights. But then she took the ball, which is a violation of his. I mean, where are people's rights here? I'm guessing she has no right to take possession of a ball that doesn't belong to her, while the boy has no right to trespass on her property to retrieve it. If I were her I would have left it where it was and seen what I could really be charged with.

I believe the applicable theory of law here is "finders keepers, losers weepers." ;)

Under Ohio law unsolicited merchandise need not be returned, so she has a defense. I say she should go for it--if she's got the balls.

Growing up I had the meanest neighbors ever, even they didn't keep the balls that made it to their yard, just threw them back, how nasty is this lady that she just can't return a ball to a kid? How stupid is the kid not to find a new place to play? Why should the cops even have to get involved, can't these people find a better way of dealing with their ball issues?

She should have just turned the hose on him and been done with it.

I guess I don't understand how what she did was so wrong. They say that this has been going on for a while right? So, why would the kid risk losing something he paid for by allowing it anywhere near her property?

Also, how is finding something on your property considered stealing?

The point, the mother made it herself, that this happened numerous times. An elderly woman living alone should not be made nervous by a bunch a kids invading her lawn or ringing her bell to retrieve items. I also don't think that anyone agrees that a 90 year old woman should go outside just to toss a ball. It should be a lesson for the teen about having respect for the elderly. I wonder how many times constitute harassment. If the woman had called the police they would be gone already when they came and she would be accused of making unnecessary calls.

lesa, i agree that teens should have respect, but in all fairness, stating that she should not have to go outside to toss a ball, she went outside to retrieve and keep it, it does seem mean spirited. I live in a very kid heavy area, despite having none myself, so we find ourselves dealing with footballs and baseballs in our yard. the kids are welcome to go get the ball when they wish, I don't think it is trespassing to retrieve and item and it doesn't harm anyone. I see it that way, but unsure of how the law sees it. It just seems spiteful of the mother to involve police, just as it seems spiteful to take a kids ball, there should be a better resolution for both parties.

really? how can anyone defend that? its a kid who was playing football with his friends. they overthrew it and it bounced into her yard. its not like they were trying to purposely mess with this 90 year old woman. accidents happen and she's just being a mean old bitch about it.

Thanks, stan. You all have questions.
First, I did not call the police. My husband did. I was at work. My kids are not unsupervised - my husband is off work at 3:00, and he was actually the one who threw the ball to my son too high. Our neighborhood is normally friendly - Edna is mean to neighborhood kids, but for the most part they leave her alone. There has never been damage to any of her property - we've lived here over six years, and my husband has cut her grass every week throughout most of that time. In fact, days before this happened, she called him into her house to visit when he brought her tomatoes. My son is not disrespectful - he did not trespass on her property - he only apologized to Edna. We did not call the cops - we called the Blue Ash police station and asked for the neighborhood liaison to come out and talk with Edna and to get the ball back. We don't have a liaison because my family has caused problems. There are four other families with children - a total of 21 in the houses surrounding Edna's house. There is another neighbor who has called the police dozens of times on at least six separate neighbors that had nothing to do with us and often had nothing to do with children - things like cats peeing in the yard, expired license plates, kids not wearing their helmets. The lady's kid had a falling out with other kids in the neighborhood and it's been a challenge ever since. My son's a good kid - honor roll - double accelerated math, accelerated science - Beta Club (volunteer organization that has numerous annual events) - he's on a committee organizing an Adopt-A-Soldier program. His Destination Imagination team won local and state and came in 24th in globals - his airplane design was 2nd in the world and the Blue Ash airport featured it in last years airport days - this kid had a summer job as a golf caddie - my husband works for USPlaying Card - his hours have been cut - his income slashed 20%. I was unemployed over the summer - this punk brat everyone is slandering came up with the idea of using his caddie money to pay for fun things for the family over the summer. He took the girls to the Taste of Blue Ash, bought pizza, took us out to eat, bought movies at Blockbuster on rainy days - got us ice cream. He bought a WII and shared it with everyone in the neighborhood - helped pay for his sister's birthday present - helped pay for gas, bought us milk, bread - even offered to go to the store when it was needed. I still owed him $200 (until last payday - I gave him $100. He put it in the bank until he decides what to do with it - wants to save for a moped.) It sounds pathetic and stupid, but the kid bought one thing for himself with his money - that stupid friggin football.

No we did not want Edna arrested - read the Cincinnati Enquirer - they got hold of the radio transmissions and proved that my husband asked the officer not to push it and said he was willing to wait for the neighborhood liaison officer. They arrested her because she got beligerant with them and threatened them. I'm not trying to be disrespectful to an old lady but the truth is the truth.

My son got two balls from PETA today. When I told him I thought he should send a thank you note, he told me that he already talked to his dad about going to take $10 from the bank tomorrow and go buy some thank you cards. I've no need to watch over this boy - I just wish he didn't have need to help watch over us.

By the way - a local radio station had had a genius idea - Edna's got a bunch of great-grandkids, and they talked to her granddaughter and were putting together a flag football game - the granddaughter was for it - Edna said no. A lawyer friend contacted me and offered his services for free - he is the chairperson of the Cinti Academy of Collaborative Professionals. He contacted her lawyer after I received a scathing letter threatening my kids with arrest from her lawyer. He asked to have a meeting with us to resolve this problem peacefully - Edna refused, saying she was too ill to travel downtown (15 minutes.) The night before, Dr. Phil's office had called saying Edna really wants to go on his show. That night she went to Bingo. That morning she had gone downtown and met with her lawyer. So Ross sent Edna's lawyer a letter requesting that she return the ball. Edna sent a check that someone had donated to her and said let that be payment for the ball - people are saying she is going to try to sell it. My lawyer said that isn't acceptable - we just want the ball back and to be left alone and to stop having idiots make judgments about things they know nothing of.