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Further Lessons in Parenting

r_gapkids.jpgYou ever get sick of the kid? Fed up because he keeps acting up? You take him to Friendly’s at the mall, and he keeps playing with his food? And then, at KB Toys, he won’t stop fondling the merchandise no matter how many times you tell him that if he doesn’t stop, you’re going to have to pay for it? Obnoxious, right?


Well Ernestine Willer, a Chicago woman, knows exactly how you feel. And she came up with a very novel solution. She just said, “fuck it,” and left her six-year-old child at the mall. Why? Well, “to teach him a lesson,” of course.

Ah yes. Abandonment is the greatest lesson you could ever teach a child. Right after neglect and malnutrition!

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So you punish all the other shoppers in the mall, by abandoning your little satan spawn there for a few hours? Thanks alot, why not just lock him in the car next time with the window open a crack?