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Friends don’t let friends … nah, screw that guy

best-friends.jpgUp in Canada, eh, Matthew St. Pierre was busted last month for drunk driving. When the cops pulled him over, he didn’t give them his name. Instead, he gave them the name of a friend. The same friend who owned the pickup truck he was drunkenly driving, a truck he didn’t even have permission to be using in the first place. Good friend, that one.

During a subsequent investigation, St. Pierre tried to get his friend to lie for him, but it seems that the friend wasn’t so amenable to this plan. I wonder why.

St. Pierre has since been arrested and faces a host of charges, including: “impaired driving; impersonation with intent to gain advantage; attempting to obstruct or resist a peace officer; taking a motor vehicle without consent; driving while under suspension; and driving a motor vehicle with an open container of liquor.”