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Frakking Hell

bsg-gals.jpgThis is some bullshit right here. If I told you a legal blog was going to interview the producers of “Battlestar Galactica,” you’d just assume QuizLaw was the blog in question, right? I mean, our sister site does TV reviews and I’m the god damned TV Whore for Christ’s sake. And yet, we’re not the legal blog hosting audio interviews with Ron Moore and David Eick. No sir. Instead, that honor goes to Concurring Opinions, a collective of law professors and other legal wonks.


One of the interviewers is even a cat I went to high school with, and who was my debate partner and co-captain in high school (yes, Mildred, I was a fucking nerd in high school). Anyway, they’ve got the first two parts of their interview up now, and they’ll be posting the other two parts of their interview today and tomorrow. …Bastards.

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OK, so there is you and the guys being interviewed on a non-Quizlaw site, but who are the sexy women in the image? (asks someone who has no clue about Battle Star Galactica)

Tammy's homework is to netflix the previous seasons of BSG. Be warned, even if SciFi isn't your thing, this series is addictive!

Tammy, I fully encourage you to follow three elle's advice. Also, the middle hottie is Xena.

Yup, those sexy women be some of the chicks of "Battlestar Galactica." And Amen to what three elle and Lisa said. You're enough of a science nerd, Tammy, and a fan of good things in general, that you'll dig the show. So get on it.