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Floridian’s Stupidity is Another Man’s Gain

Cletusface.gifThey just make it so easy on the cops, don’t they?

A man who Pasco sheriff’s deputies say attempted to steal about $2,000 worth of fishing poles from a parked boat didn’t help his situation by telling deputies during questioning that he had been “wanting that boat for a while. Mark my words, I’ll get it again.”
Craig Martin, 41, was charged with burglary after deputies said he tried to take the rods from the victim’s boat locker Sunday afternoon. According to deputies, Martin did not want to talk about the incident, but during the investigation he blurted out, “We both know I did it.”
Martin, who remained in the Land O’Lakes jail Monday night in lieu of $10,000 bail, said he made a mistake by entering the boat during the day, according to a report. “I usually ain’t that dumb … you ain’t writing that down, are you?”

You know, when a man confesses, after committing a crime, that he “usually ain’t that dumb,” I’m guessing that, in fact, he is that dumb.

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Wait... is Land O'Lakes actually a city in Florida, or is the jail just sponsored by the butter company? Sponsorship is a great idea for helping to fund our overflowing prisons! Pepsi State Prison has a nice ring to it.

It is a town in Florida and it is a cesspool. I lived in the bait shop of a broke down fishing camp built in the 1940s there and in the first 15 min after moving in, I had already lent a crack whore $10. Our neighbor wanted to throw a bar-b-que, so he loaded up a shopping cart at the local Publix and ran the five miles back to the camp with the stolen vittles and proceeded to feed the neighborhood until the cops confiscated the burgers as evidence. I've got a million stories. Ahhh, the lessons you can learn in Butter Town USA.