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Big Ladies Denied Club Entrance

news006.jpgA Jersey nightclub (duh?) got into some hot water over the weekend when they started denying entrance to overweight women.

Police were called to calm the situation outside the Halkett Street club as bouncers and manager Martin Sayers allegedly told women to “go away and lose some weight.”
Over 20 women are expected to give statements to the police today and a Facebook page, labelled Havana Club Jersey Discrimination and using an image from US cartoon Family Guy, has already attracted over 100 supporters calling for Islanders to boycott the club …
‘When the manager came out he would not look at me directly but said that they had received too many complaints about fat people and he told me: “Go and lose some weight before you can come in - fat people are bad for business.”

Tacky? Yes. Douchetastic? Of course. Illegal? Afraid not. And it makes no sense, anyway: Bigger women need more alcohol to get drunk, which is good for business, right?

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Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin world go rooooound!

Also, for the picture, Daaaaaaaaaaaamn.

Is that supposed to be a pic of a 'fat' woman?

You know that's not NEW Jersey, right?

No kidding, nova. If she's fat, then I'm.. also fat.

I thought this happened at all night clubs? I've never understood clubs- anywhere that expects you to pay just to walk in the door isn't worth my time.