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Eye Exams Now Come with Complimentary Toe Licks

feettoes.jpgRoman Tesfaye is suing an eye doctor and the doctor’s former assistant after she got more than she bargained for during a recent eye exam:

Tesfaye claims in the suit that when [Joseph] Vernell [the doctor’s assistant] came into the exam room, he said he had to perform “a strip test” which involved him placing a strip in her eyes, after which she had to keep her eyes closed for five to seven minutes.
But she felt something touching her toes and opened her eyes to find Vernell stand up and pull his shirt down.
“Did you just lick my toes? You licked my toes,” she recalls saying to him, according to her suit. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I was checking your sugar level,” he reportedly replied.

Fact: You can tell a lot about a person’s sugar level by tasting her toe jam.

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Why did he have to lift his shirt to lick her toes?

Why were her toes even exposed...?