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“Errr…uhm…because I was looking for clients?”

shoreClub.jpgGood ol’ Florida brings us another bizarre little story. There’s this South Beach hotel called the Shore Club. It’s the place where Suge Knight got himself shot last year. Well, they’re in the news again because of a little fire-rescue that had to take place there yesterday.

In the wee hours of the morning, hotel employees called the Miami Beach fire department when they found a man trapped in the hotel’s air-conditioning duct. It seems that one Lloyd Winter, a 40-year old local man, climbed up onto the hotel roof in nothing more than a bathing suit. He then started climbing through the hotel vents and, whoops, fell down a duct. He stopped falling when he got caught on some screws, and started calling for help, which led to the eventual rescue effort. After an hour and a half of digging through drywall, the stuck Winter was set free. Winter claims that he was stuck floating in the duct for three days, although local police find this claim dubious.

Why are we talking about this on QuizLaw? Well, Winters got himself some criminal charges as a result of the debacle - turns out he wasn’t an employee or guest, so he got smacked with a trespassing charge. He also got hit with a charge of giving the police a false name. But the real reason this is QuizLaw worthy is more direct than the fact that he’s a stupid criminal - according to the police report, Mr. Winter is also a lawyer.

So QuizLaw would like to say that if you have a problem, if no one else can help, if you are in need of a Miami Beach lawyer, and if you can find what ventilation duct he’s hiding in, maybe you can hire…Lloyd Winter, attorney at law!