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Dude, man, seriously … don’t bogart the Gerbers

gerbers-baby-food.jpgFucking Texas man. Can’t the teenagers just shoot off guns like good red-blooded, uhm, other Texans? Not if they’re 18-year-old Demetris McCoy, apparently. This wonderful specimen of southern pride has pleaded guilty to two charges of injury to a child and he’s agreed to testify against his co-defendant.

What’s all the hubub about, you ask? Oh, just some stupid little video.

The video shows one teen lighting a marijuana cigarette in the 2-year-old’s mouth, then laughing as the toddler coughs. One teen then tells him to pass it to his brother, who also smokes it and coughs. Parts of the video showed someone calling the children “potheads” and asking if they “have the munchies.”
Drug tests showed the youngsters had marijuana and cocaine in their bodies. When the video was made, the children’s mother was sleeping in another room, police have said. She was not arrested.
The children, their mother, grandmother and McCoy lived together at the time. The children have since been placed in foster care.

I mean. Jesus. Hot boxing some kittens is one thing — that’s just a fun college Thursday night. But toking up toddlers? That’s some Florida shit, sir.

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Yeah, this sounds like something a white kid would do, doesn't it?