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Dude: It’s Not The Words, It’s the Way You Say Them

OK, Fine, Mr. Jon Stewart. Obama’s Inauguration Speech shared some things in common with George Bush’s rhetoric. But it’s different. Why? I don’t know! Because Obama walks the goddamn walk, and Bush just sort of stumbles into the bar and passes out. See: It’s different!

Nevertheless, it’s cool to see that Stewart isn’t going to roll over for the new administration. That wouldn’t make for much of a show.

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Please explain to me exactly how Obama "walks the walk"? Take five minutes and actually examine his voting record, what little there is, as a senator. My personal favorite is his promise to filabuster the Telecom Immunity bill which turned into him voting for it. You know the best thing about being a cynic? I am never disappointed...or surprised...

My favorite part of last night's show was "the most adorable civil rights legend ever. ...'Fuck orange!'" Tee hee.

it's like that old logic puzzle: one of these people can only tell the truth, the other always lies - one of them points to the other and says "He's a liar!"

Who said it and is it true?