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Douchebag Republican Offers Lamest Reason Yet to Vote for McCain

mccainpalin.gifFor reasons that’s aren’t clear to me, The National Review Online published a letter from a reader, which supposedly presents why Obama’s tax increases on the wealthy are bad for America. The letter reads, in part:

Just thought I’d send some thoughts from small-business America. My husband’s business is a canary in the coalmine. When tax policies are favorable to business, he hires more guys, buys more goods, etc. When he is taxed more heavily, he fires people, doesn’t buy anything new, etc. Well, duh. So, at the mere thought of a President Obama, he has paid off his debt, canceled new spending, and jotted a list of whom to “let go.”
My husband will make sure that we’re okay, money-wise, but he won’t give himself a paycheck that will just be sent to Washington. He’ll make sure that he’s not in “rich guy” tax territory. So, he will not spend his money, not show a profit, and scale his workforce down to the bare minimum.

Let me get this straight: his is a reason not to vote for Obama? Because some rich guy (he makes between $200 and $250K) has decided to lay off his workers, scale down his operation, and run his business without trying to make a profit? So he doesn’t have to pay an extra two percent of that profit to the government?

So, don’t vote for Obama because some douchebag conservatives will tank small businesses out of spite? Well, that’s an interesting tact. I’m sure the employees he will be laying off will completely understand.

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The arguments against a progressive tax system have always struck me as, to put it finely, a load of crap. It doesn't matter if the tax rate increases as income goes up, because as long as more money is still more money, the incentive is still there. No one sane ever says "Wait, instead of $800,000 a year, I'll only be getting $720,000? Screw it, I'm working at McDonalds."

Actually, according to the NRO post, it's the soon-to-be-fired employees of this "small business" who are making 200-250K. And apparently this small business takes on or sheds fairly well-paid employees solely based on tax policy.

So is this guy hiring people he doesn't need or firing people he does? Sounds like bad business either way.

I'm not sure if you want editorial comments, but you folks have always struck me as literate. So, while I'm anxious to be tactful here, I will not offer you any "interesting tact".

Now if you want to sail off on an interesting tack, that I can go along with. What kind of boat?

That was so stupid it made my eyes hurt. Sadly enough though, there are some people like that out there. You see them all the time. Sheesh! What happened to us?