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Don’t Stab Me, Bro

happy_birthday_10-728921.gifTalk about a crappy birthday:

Police arrested Phil Edward Johnson, 54, Tuesday afternoon. He faces one count of attempted first-degree murder.
His brother, John Butler Tyler, told police it was Johnson’s birthday and that Johnson gave him $20 to buy cocaine for them, a police report states.
Tyler, 37, told police he gave the money to someone who was supposed to buy the cocaine. When Johnson learned his brother didn’t buy the drugs but handed the $20 to someone else, he got angry and pulled a knife from his pocket, according to the report.
Johnson stabbed his brother twice in the stomach and caused defensive wounds on his brother’s wrist, police say.

It’s a good thing the brother didn’t forget the birthday cake.

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Really? $20.00? Where is this magical place where you can buy $20.00 worth of cocaine? And it was for both of them? WOW! They must of planned a really small, really short party.