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Does IRAC apply to love?

lawyers-in-love.jpgYes, in general, men in love can become idiots. Happens to the best of us. But when you mix sex and love and sexual shenanigans into the world of law school, shit goes to new levels of idiocy. If you ever meet Dustin or I in person, we’ll have a beer with you and throw some stories from our own experiences in law school that’ll make you just shake your head and cry for the future of this country (or just wait until the movie, which will be coming one day not-very-soon to a theater near you).

The latest example of this comes from Above the Law, where a former law student at UT ratted out a buddy of his by sharing an e-mail said buddy sent to his gal pal. It’s a full-blown memo, with the issue at hand being whether their relationship “should be terminated?” You can read the memo/e-mail for yourself, although you should be warned — it’s long, and ridiculous.

I know we’ve got a few law student readers here in these parts — any fun stories to share?