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Do NOT Eff with Jon Stewart

See what happens when you cancel an appearance on “The Daily Show”? Stewart will light a fire under your ass and burn down your network. He will mock you ceaselessly, and while doing it, cut you down to the little nubbin of hypocrisy you are.

Holy Lord, this is good, folks.

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I fucking love Stewart.

So glad you posted this! I was applauding him from my living room. It's such a relief to have at least half-an-hour of erudite, incisive commentary on my television every night. I love Jon Stewart!

I think this was one of Stewart's best ever pieces. Emmy earned right there.
It's time CNBC just took itself off the air.

Remind me again...why haven't we as one angry mob tarred and feathered these bastards?

God, why do we all have to treat complex politico-economic issues like a sporting match. Isn't it possible that the banks were idiots for extending these loans AND the people who took them were idiots too?

I'll tell you who are laughing their ASSES off right now while everybody blames each other are the politicians who created regulations which encouraged banks to lend to bad risks to get votes, then kept cranking down interest rates to keep the party going to get votes, then told you it was your bank's/neighbor's fault to get votes and now are giving you your own money to get votes.

Booooo! I can't see this clip in Canada! Does the Comedy Network or anyone else have it? I couldn't find this particular clip on the comedy network...booo...hissss...

fricken Comedy Network...gee - do I really wish to wade through a million un-annotated clips in search of three minutes that I really, really want to see now? Only time I'll ever suggest being Canadian ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Boo onit.

I just jizzed in my pants a little.

He's....he's like a god

I wonder do beautifully scented flowers grow in his wake? Are the ill healed? Do the crippled, walk?

(i'm not even being a tiny bit sarcastic here, i LOVE Jon Sewart)

would he adopt me, do you think? I'm 22 but i can arrange something i think

As mush as I LOVE Jon Stewart, especially the fact that he dishes the insults out to both sides, I have to comment on the so called "poor homeowner's" I was in the mortgage business for 10 years with one 2 of the largest mortgage companies in the world, and processed thousands of loans in that time. Let me tell you that yes, it is largely the fault of many homeowner's that they got themselves into the foreclosure situations. Everyday I saw people trying to borrow more and more money, and waaaaay too many people borrowing 100%, especially when all they had was a $100 bucks in their account to boot. People knew they were going to be strapped to the neck with bills, yet they choose to take the mortgage anyway against our recommendations. Anytime you would try to suggest that they rethink their situation they would become outraged that you would suggest they may be getting themselves into a bad situation. When getting into a mortgage situation you should use your head, it's one the biggest decisions and purchases you will ever make. And now my tax dollars will be paying for my neighbors house that's bigger than mine with an inground pool that I told him never to get. Sheesh.

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