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Dave Grohl for President

080318_harp.jpgGreat news to those of you who are already tired of the dwindling number of candidates running for President this year. Dave Grohl — the Foo Fighter’s frontman and former drummer for Nirvana — is jumping into the race as an “Independent dark horse candidate because, as he says, ‘I’ve made all of my own rules up until this point and I don’t want to live up to anyone’s party expectations.’” And rather than run on the same old themes of change, Grohl wants to change change.

I want to present a different kind of change, though. I want to change change. If you continue to change change then it truly becomes change whether it’s technology, society, the economy, or the spreading of democracy. I want to be the president that takes change and changes it over and over again. Together, we can decide what direction we wanna take that change.

Grohl also plans on uncovering the mystery behind Dennis Kucinich’s wife:

That’s the David Copperfield factor at work. It’s like when Lemmy [from Motorhead] first met my wife he said “Ms. Grohl, it’s very nice to meet you” and he turned to me and said [in gravelly, British accent] , “She’s far too good-looking to be with you mate!” But in this day and age it’s important for people to move away from that superficial image of love. In my America—the America that I can help create—somebody who looks like Angie Everhart can date or marry a politician who looks like Tattoo without a second thought.

I don’t know about voting for Grohl — he’s a little too fresh-minty for my tastes — but I’ll certainly keep buying the albums.