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Dammit, there is a delete button for a reason!

delete_button.jpgJust a day or two after I reported about one dumbass who left child porn on a stolen computer, this comes up in my inbox.

Adam Ward, 33, had just went through a divorce, and now fell behind on payments to his ex-wife. In an effort to get him to pay up, she took his computer. So Adam did what any reasonable person would do: he called the cops.

According to the arrest report, Ward told an investigator that his wife wanted the money that they had agreed on during divorce proceedings. According to Ward his wife said she had all of his computer files and would turn them over. When the investigator asked what was on the files, Ward told him they contained child pornography.
Several days later, investigators searched Ward’s computers and found numerous images of child pornography. When confronted Ward admitted that he had what he called ‘inappropriate material’ and had tried to delete the files after his wife threatened him.
Ward was arrested on 12 counts of possession of child pornography. Investigators said that due to the nature of the images on the computers they asked the judge to double Ward’s bond to $150,000.

No, you didn’t read it wrong. He called the cops and told them there was child porn on there. So no one can say he is a liar on top of everything else. Neither he or his ex seem to have much sense between them in my opinion. At least she had a plan (though why she couldn’t just report him for failing to pay court-ordered monies still mystifies me), and didn’t expect the guy to rat himself out.

By the way, can you guess what state he is from?

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No! I refuse to believe this happened in Florida. You are making that up!