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Daddy’s little cash cow

a_brown_daughter_090113.300w.jpgFrom MSNBC:

“A California man has been arrested for arranging for his 14-year-old daughter to marry a neighbor in exchange for $16,000, 100 cases of beer and several cases of meat, police said.
Authorities in Greenfield, a farming community on California’s central coast, said they learned of the deal after Marcelino de Jesus Martinez, 36, asked them for help getting back his daughter after payment wasn’t made.”
The man said the money was meant as bride price (reversed dowry) and that the beer and meat were for the wedding, a custom not uncommon in his community of traditional Trique Mexicans. Apparently the girl has now moved in with her new 18 year old husband, and was a willing party to the whole deal.

I can see where this girl is coming from. If my dad were such a dumb asshole that he not only tries to sell my ass at 14, but also phones the police when he doesn’t see any money, I’d take my chances with the new guy as well.

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Oh my fucking god. That is horrendous, but also sort of funny. It's like that woman a few years ago who called the cops because someone she bought crack from ripped her off. What is wrong with people?