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Cue up the Ringling Brothers music now, maestro, if you’d be so kind…

ringling-brothers.jpgSo Sheriff’s deputies are called to your house because of a domestic disturbance between you and your husband. Your husband gets arrested, and now it’s your turn. But you don’t want to go to jail — you ain’t going out like that!

In most states, you might hop into your vehicle of choice and lead the deputies on a high-speed chase for minutes or hours, almost certainly ending with you getting a face full of pavement while the deputies throw the cuffs around your womanly wrists.

But not in Florida. Nah, there, when you hop into your mini-van to make a quick getaway, things play out slightly differently:

Deputies say that she jumped into her mini-van and left the driver’s door open, and when she tried to back out of her driveway she hit a parked lawn mower.
That was after deputies say she tried to strike one of them with her car.
The deputy reacted and jumped out of the way.
After the collision, Davis fell out and the mini-van spun out of control.
As the van made a circle, it ran over Davis. She was flown to Shands with critical injuries.
Ironically, the mini-van went in circles until it hit the patrol car of the deputy she had tried to run over earlier.