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Congratulations Cornell Class of 2008

graduation_2006.jpgIt’s law school graduation season again, and this year actually has some personal meaning. Having now endured both sides of the law school experience, both as a student and as the spouse of a student, I can safely say that being involved in a relationship with a law student is the more difficult role — there’s a lot less drinking and lot more helplessness. (It also helps to explain why, during Seth and my three years of law school, no one we knew left in the same relationship they came in with). In a way, my wife’s graduation this Sunday feels a lot more earned than my own, seven years ago (hell, I’m old) — I put a lot more effort into her experience than my own, that’s for goddamn sure.

But then again, the wife is a lot smarter than I am and one of the few people who could follow a brutal first year with a pregnant second year and a third year that coincided with the first year of our son’s life. Many congratulations to my wife and the rest of CLS ‘08, who will walk the plank into the shark-infested waters of reality this fall (you may have thought you hated law school, but wait until you’re billing 2100 hours a year).

The same goes for everyone else graduating this spring — we hope your name doesn’t pop up on our pages anytime soon.

And, for good measure, he’s a video a few of the folks from CLS ‘08 put together last year, which just goes to show how much law school dulls the sense of humor (I kid, I kid).

And then, although Cornell may be a smarter school than Boston University, where Seth and I hail from, we are infinitely more cool, as typified in a dance from last year’s BU Legal Follies. Get some:

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So, where's the video of Seth and Dustin chair dancing and ass slapping in ripaway wife beaters?

Oh no! What will my screenname be in a week?

godifuckinghatethecaliforniabar? I kinda like it ;)

p.s. During my final today the proctor (some old guy, like always) said, while reading off the instructions:

"No use of electronic devices. No cell phones, MP3 players, calculators, or vibrators."

I kid you not! He wasn't even being funny, just confused.