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Congrats, NRA - it’s a boy!

babyGun.jpgHoward David Ludwig, lovingly called “Bubba,” is a 10-month-old little boy in Illinois. He’s probably got a binky, a pacifier, some diapers, maybe some blocks, etc. But he definitely has a gun permit.

Yes, a 10-month-old has been issued a firearm owner’s identification card, after his proud father filed the application and submitted a meager $5 fee:

The card lists the baby’s height (2 feet, 3 inches), weight (20 pounds) and has a scribble where the signature should be.

And while the state police oversee the whole application process, they say their role is just to make sure felons and other specified classes don’t get permits. But since the law doesn’t have an age restriction, there’s nothing they can do about a situation like this.

Nice law, that.

Oh yeah, and it’s a good thing baby Bubba has that permit, since his grandfather gave him a 12-gauge Beretta shotgun.

(And that’s not baby Bubba in the photo - it’s just a random image I found, which seemed to fit the story since, you know, it’s got a baby and a gun.)

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New HeadLine:

"Wild Baby has a Gun, Wild puppies in Gang"